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Turn your camera into a 3D camera!

Turn your camera into a 3D camera!

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No extra hardware is needed - the most powerful 3D camera is already in your pocket.

The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to take 3D pictures and videos!

Visual Vertigo is introducing a patented technology that allows users to use any camera on the market to take real 3D pictures and videos that can be viewed using any smart phone and VR headset.


Capture the world the way it's meant to be seen!


With the 3D Pix app, just point and shoot with your iPhone to instantly capture 3D pictures that can be viewed on VR glasses or a 3DTV. Easily share these amazing images with your family and friends.

3D Pix


taking 3D pictures

with your smartphone

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Share the world the way you see it!


Take your standard flat and two dimensional pictures to the next level, and relive your most treasured moments in 3D.


Bring yourself and your loved ones into the virtual 3D world, and bring back the true emotion of every moment.


creating 3D videos from drone videos

3D Video

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Your 3D Videos for VR glasses and 3DTV!


Visual Vertigo's patented technology is based on single lens cameras! Your video is post-processed into real 3D right on your mobile device using the app.


All you need to do is grab a pair of VR glasses, pop in your smart phone, and be prepared to be amazed. You'll feel like you have a multi-million dollar studio set-up right in your hands.

Convert your aerial 2D videos into real 3D!


The rise of drones with cameras has given the average consumer a whole new perspective on the world we live in...but what if we could add another dimension to this?


The 3D Video app was exclusively developed for any aerial filming enthusiast with one goal in mind: To see the world from a birds eye view in 3D!


tilt control and VR hyper lapse for videos



The Dronie app gives you the power to convert your drone videos into 3D for VR, and lets you control the video play-back inside a VR headset by using your head movement.

You can also turn your drone videos into hyper-lapse and control the playback by tilting your phone.

Imagine recording a beautiful flight around a building.  Simply upload that video into the Dronie app to convert it into 3D VR.

Snap your phone into a VR Headset, and you are teleported into a virtual sky walk around the building in crisp, real 3D!


live 3D FPV VR for single camera drones

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Fly along with your drone with real-time 3D viewing.


Simply connect your DJI drone to your iOS or Android device via WiFi or remote USB output. Insert your device into your VR headset, and you are instantly transported into the skies.


You'll embark on the most epic flight you've ever taken with the 3D FPV app and Visual Vertigo's patented 2D to 3D real time convertion technology.


The real-time 3D experience will give you a vertigo feeling that is out of this world.


Currently our live instantaneous 2D to 3D FPV VR technology is iterated with the DJI SDK with compatability for the DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 and 4, 4 Pro series aswell as the Inspire 1+2 series. GoPro camera HD downlink and 3DRobotics integration is coming soon.


Expansion features to bring this technology to every UAV brand out there is imminent.



Package ships with express with DHL.

Possible customs charges are not included in the price and vary from country to country.



Insert your mobile device into our VR FPV headset and take flight in HD! You'll embark on the most epic flight you've ever taken. With our 3D FPV app you will experience the world from above in 3D. Close objects look close and far objets look far using the app and you are able to experience depth for the first time using only one camera and the 3D FPV real time conversion app!

It will give you a vertigo feeling that is out of this world!




  • No visible screen pixels due to the perfect distance proportion of screen to lens.

  • C-22 ultra high transmission coated lenses.

  • Huge 1.6 in. diameter anti fog lenses.

  • Compatible fit even if you are wearing eye glasses!

  • Interpupillary distance regulation.

  • Drop safe phone insert design to keep your phone from falling out.

  • High quality materials for the perfect fit.

  • Adjustable head straps for perfect comfort.

  • Front phone camera field of view outlet.

  • Cooling vents.

  • Light weight.


Compatible with 4-6 inch screen sizes with maximum phone size of 163mm x 90mm.


Examples of compatible phones:

- iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus

- Android Galaxy S6 Plus size phones and smaller
- Galaxy Note


Step inside your own virtual reality cockpit and instantly become the pilot of your drone.

Using the Visual Vertigo video conversion technology, the live video from the drone is projected onto the cockpit windows in 3D. Once your drone is airborne, you are able to look outside the windows and fully take in the spectacular views.

The FPV COCKPIT app is the most interactive and immersive flight experience for DJI drones, and the only one that can transport you into the skies and put you right into the pilot’s chair.

3D VR Cockpit app for DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom
New VR Headset

Total: €54.00 including DHL express shipping

Headset Price:


immersive VR piloting experience.

DJI Screen Share app lets you stream your live video feed from your DJI drone to up to 5 Apple mobile devices simultaneously.

Set Up:

1. Simply connect one device to the DJI remote via the USB cable.
2. Make sure all your devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
3. Connect your devices in the app’s settings menu to each other.

No Internet connection required, only a WiFi Hotspot (for example a router, laptop or an external mobile hotspot)

Screen Share


wireless real time screen sharing .

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